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  • My Linux setup

    I have been changing my computer setup for many years now. I invested quite a lot of time into it, so I thought others should benefit from it as well. My main operating system is Linux Mint (a distribution of GNU/Linux). Since few manufacturers ship computers without operating systems and since I am already paying for a Windows license, I always keep Windows on the side, just in case. I am a big fan of FOSS (Free/libre open source software) and admire the people, who do everything to promote it, but at the same time, I am not sufficiently dedicated, so often I opt for convenience over philosophy.

  • Molecular Spectroscopy: Graphology of Molecular Dance

    Together with Vijay Ganesh from our group we participated in the Cambridge Creative Encounters project. We collaborated with an art student Shana Hazel, who did the graphics. The video explains our research in a way accessible to everyone.

  • Old and new morality

    For simplicity, let us define morality as a set of rules on what actions are good and bad, desirable and undesirable. These allow us to make normative statements about the world.

  • The academic community has overreacted about Hudlický's Angewandte essay

    On 4th June 2020, Angewandte Chemie has published an article titled “Organic synthesis—Where now?” is thirty years old. A reflection on the current state of affairs written by Tomáš Hudlický. Very soon after the release, opposing opinions have flooded the internet, resulting in statements and actions by many important individuals and institutions. I believe that the reaction was very far from proportional.

  • Common sense analysis: How coronavirus spreads and how do various measures work?

    Governments have issued a lot of advice and have introduced many regulations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Most of the time, the governments also tried to explain what they are trying to achieve. However, watching press conferences I have not heard much explanation of how the measures are supposed to work. Below, I present an analysis based on common sense, basic laws of physics, chemistry and biology, and easily looked-up information. Since the premises are firm, everything that I conclude should be correct, as long and I avoid all the logical fallacies. If you find any, please let me know. (You can find my address at the bottom of this page.)

  • How computers handle text: Encoding

    I recently got interested in encoding, and since I spent a lot of time reading about it, I though I might as well write a summary of what I learnt, which might be useful for others.

  • On chemical activities

    In most textbooks it is not thoroughly explained, how the chemical activities defined using different standard states relate to each other. Following some questions of Richard Veselý, I wrote this post.

  • What is enough evidence for god?

    I wrote this text to help me in a discussion with a friend of mine. It was not originally intended as a blog post and was not optimised for this purpose.

  • Reaction to the book Anarchokapitalismus by Urza (Czech only)

    Z popudu svého kamaráda Ríši Veselého jsem si přečetl knihu Anarchokapitalismus od Martina Urzy. Nad detailním rozborem knihy bych mohl strávit mnoho dnů a to ani není cílem tohoto textu. Spíše bych chtěl prezentovat pár problémů, které považuji za knihou nevyřešené. Nejsem však odborníkem na anarchokapitalismus, i když jsem se filosofií podobného typu trochu zabýval. Nevylučuji tedy, že některé prezentované problémy už jsou částečně či úplně vyřešeny.

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